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Reinventing hospital food

Epping Private Hospital has tongues wagging – not only for wonderful reviews about the patient-centred care at the vibrant state of the art hospital and facilities, but also for something a little less commonly talked about in the health space - rave reviews about the incredible food patients have enjoyed as in patients!

In-house chef and Food Services Manager at Epping Private Health Prabin Thapa, prides himself on providing high quality, well balanced meals for their in-patients, with all meals fully prepared in-house using fresh, colourful produce.

Prabin recently received a national award from the Healthe Care Australia in recognition of his efforts at Epping Private Hospital as a key contributor to embracing culture, innovation and being a role model to others in the industry.

Last month, an inpatient took to Facebook to post daily shots of her meals, with comments such as “OMG you call this hospital food! How good does it look” and in a separate post “At least the bonus bit being in hospital, l get a chef & he’s is making healthy meals for me!”

The Food Services team are thrilled whenever they receive glowing feedback on the meals coming out of their kitchen, and this motivates them to keep refining and improving to achieve their ambitious goal of being recognised as the best provider of food in the entire hospital sphere.

Pictured below is a small selection off the rotatin menu which Prabin continues to update with what is in season.

  • Vegetable tagine with rice and seasonal vegetables
  • Smoked salmon salad with cous cous
  • Roast lamb with seasonal vegetables
  • Kale and beetroot salad